Save the date! Next Clarification of Thought Friday, Jan 4th @ 7:30pm

close gitmo

Join us forthe first Friday of the New Year for our Clarification of Thought event as we remember our muslim brothers who are still in Guantanamo after 12 long years Click here for more details

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Transform Now Plowshares Petition to U.S. Attorney General


U.S. Attorney General: Don’t impose death sentence on 82 year old nun and peacemaker

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Sixteen years in prison is not enough? Sister Megan Rice and her friends, all peace activists, already face 16 years in prison if convicted for a nonviolent peace action. Sister Megan, Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli went to Oak Ridge, Tennesse, to say NO to nuclear holocaust. Instead of dropping charges, the US Attorney General and the Department of Justice are considering two additional charges against this 82-year-old nun and two U.S. veterans, both sabotage charges. One carries 20 years and the other 30 years in prison. With the new charges, the defendants would face a maximum of 65 years in prison. This is the equivalent of a death sentence.

Megan, Greg, and Michael called their action “Transform Now Plowshares,” and brought nothing more dangerous than flashlights, binoculars, bolt cutters, bread, flowers, a Bible, and household hammers to Oak Ridge. They hammered on the walls of a storage facility to symbolize the disarming and abolition of nuclear weapons. The real danger to society is not this nun and two veterans, but instead the facility they want to transform. This unconstitutional facility holds enough weapons grade uranium to make more than 10,000 nuclear weapons, far more than what scientists say is needed to destroy life on earth.

Please join in this petition to the Attorney General of the United States asking him to refuse to authorize additional charges: 16 years in prison for revealing the criminality and insecurity of nuclear weapons production smacks of killing the messenger for the failings of the king.

For more see
To contribute to this work for nuclear disarmament, click here.

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Share the warmth this season & save lives in Afghanistan

Duvet Project 
Voices for Creative Nonviolence supports an initiative of the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul: warmth and work. 
Children are vulnerable to freezing in the refugee camps and other impoverished areas of Afghanistan; 100 froze to death last winter. Women are without work and need income to feed their families. It works this way: each morning at 8 am, 26 women gather at the home of the Afghan Peace Volunteers to collect materials for making special thick quilts, called duvets. In their homes, they and their families make the duvets, stuffing wool into coverlet material hand sewn on each border, and deliver the finished products the next day. With the help of the volunteers and Afghan families, the quilts are then given to families who need them.

It costs $20 to make each duvet. This sum can bring work and warmth to brothers and sisters in need; life to children and women alike.

If you can help, send a check made out to Voices for Creative Nonviolence and mail it to:

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

1249 West Argyle St.

Chicago, IL 60640

(please write “Duvet Project” in the memo space)

To donate to the Duvet Project via PayPal, sign into your PayPal account and submit the funds to email identity “”. One-hundred percent of the funds go directly to the Duvet Project of the Afghan Peace Volunteers.            
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Mobilization Against Drones Outside CIA

Saturday November 10th Washington, DC area residents gathered outside the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia witnessing against the murder and violence of US drone attacks in various countries around the world. Activists from Pax Christi, Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice, Code Pink in addition to religious organizations including Langley Hill Friends (Quaker) and Dorothy Day Catholic Worker of Washington, DC and Episcopal Peace Fellowship.
The next witness outside of the CIA will be on Saturday, December 8th at 10am- please join us!.
A report from PressTV:
Also, here photos by Ted Majdosz of Pax Christi, Pentagon Chapter
DC Indy Media Report uploaded to LiveLeak featuring Amber Mason and Art Laffin of Dorothy Day Catholic Worker and Judith Kelly, SOA Prisoner of Conscience and Pax Christi, speak outside the CIA.
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