Transform Now Plowshares Update

Report on Aug 3rd Court Appearance- As the afternoon wore on in Judge Clifford Shirley’s courtroom it seemed we might never get to the question of the day—would Mike Walli, Megan Rice and Greg Boertje-Obed continue to be held in Blount County Jail, or would Judge Shirley release them?…..

… At this point, the judge polled the defendants as to their desire for a hearing on detention.

…Mike Walli said he wanted a hearing as did Megan Rice. The judge noted that Greg had already submitted a waiver and indicated he would not accept any conditions as terms for release should the judge offer them. The judge then dismissed Greg to the marshals saying, “Mr. Obed, you are free to go.” But of course Greg was very not free to go. He was only free to relocate to the holding cell in the court.Mike and Megan will be staying at the Riverside Nonviolent Community House with
Lissa McLeod and Jake Weinstein until their next court appearance on Thursday,
August 9. Letters can be sent to them at 4627 Martin Mill Pike, Knoxville, TN
37920. And the phone at Riverside is 865 609 2012.

Please visit for all the details!

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