Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Friday, Dec 16th Dorothy Day Catholic Worker had a celebration and a mass presided by Bishop Gumbleton to mark their 30 year anniversary. It was a joyful occasion filled with friends, stories, laughter and song. Thanks to everyone for making it a night to remember! Click here to read more and view pictures from the event.

Please click here to view our 30th Anniversary Invitation . 

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  1. Happy anniversary! Sure wish I could be with you.

  2. Hi, all. I was hoping to be with you tonight but I’m feeling terminally exhausted and figured I had better (for a change) listen to my body and rest. I have been drawn (actually more accurately the term would be redrawn) to the witness and message of the Catholic Worker in recent months. I was privileged to be present in Las Vegas in October and decided to volunteer to help out at the gathering instead of playing at the casinos. I was able to chauffeur Art around the city a bit and be present at the gathering. A nice sanity oasis in the midst of, well,the world. So I won’t be there tonight, but i wish you a happy anniversary and I hope to be able to establish some sort of relationship with you in th (near) future. Peace, Dan

  3. Thanks for inviting me to this celebration. I Have deep respect for Bishop Gumbleton, and blogged here about him yesterday: . Thanks again, Jon Katz

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