Join us! Friday, April 15th Film Screening

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Friday, April 15th at 7:30PM
Dorothy Day Catholic Worker   503 Rock Creek Church Road NW    

Wal-Mart recently announced plans to build 4 Wal-Mart stores in DC, including one on Georgia Ave NW, at the old Curtis Chevrolet site. The site is located just north of Missouri Avenue, in Ward 4.

As District residents, many of Ward 4 in particular, we are coming together to say “No!” to this; no to the the corporate takeover of our neighborhood, no to the higher unemployment that Wal-Mart will ultimately create, no to the driving down of wages in other retail jobs (caused by Wal-Mart’s low wages), no to the closing of small businesses (current and future) due to Wal-Mart’s presence, no to the poverty wages that Wal-Mart pays their employees, no to the sweatshop wages that the workers that make many products for Wal-Mart stores are paid, no to the funding of conservative political candidates by Wal-Mart executives and political actions committees  (some of whom oppose Statehood for the District), no to the tax burden that Wal-Mart adds by not paying its employees enough to afford the limited health care that it offers to some, no to Wal-Mart’s discrimination against women, and on, and on, and on.

Time is of the essence as the developers (Foulger-Pratt, which owns the Ward 4 site, plans to lease it to Wal-Mart) and Wal-Mart executives salivate over the DC market.

People are organizing across the city.  This will be one reference point among many for organizing efforts to STOP Wal-Mart from setting up shop in Washington, DC.  We are not interested in negotiating with Wal-Mart, but in having them not enter the city.

Go to to learn more and get involved 

Contact Kevin Mason for event info (202)-882-9649 k14mason (at) yahoo (dot) com


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