In Loving Memory – Peter De Mott | January 6, 1947 – February 19, 2009

Peter DeMott with daughter Kate, May 1996

Peter DeMott with daughter Kate, May 1996

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

It is with very heavy hearts that we share the news of the death of our dear brother Peter DeMott.  Peter past away this evening after an accident falling from a tree.  We invite the community to wait for an email as to when services will be held.  Please hold Ellen and their beautiful daughters in your thoughts and prayers.  We thank the Jonah House Community, in Baltimore, for their loving note below. The Grady and DeMott Family

Mary Anne Grady Flores

Ithaca Catholic Workers


How do we say it? How can we begin to absorb, much less communicate, the news we have to share? Peter de Mott did not make it through surgery.  He died – as best we can understand it – in surgery this evening.

Peter, well named “the rock”, is gone from us. A rock, an anchor? Both! And then some. We reach out in grief to Ellen, to their stunning daughters, to all the Gradys, to the whole Ithaca community, to the DeMott family that has endured so very much.  He was there for all of us.

Lets hold Peter’s family within the circle of our love. And let us hold one another in love and compassion. Maybe it’s the best way to hold Peter among us. How will we make it without him?

Love from us all at Jonah House


Dear Friends,

As we grieve the loss of our beloved friend and peacemaker, Peter J.DeMott, we take great inspiration from his steadfast commitment to Gospel peacemaking and nonviolence. The excerpt from an article that Peter wrote was read today at the  “100 Days Campaign to Close Guantanamo” White House vigil.
Peter Demott, father and laborer, pray for us.
Peter DeMott, peacemaker and faithful follower of Jesus, pray for us.
Peter DeMott—Presente!!!

With deep love and gratitude,
Art Laffin, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker

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  1. Peter DeMott ¡Presente!

  2. It was with an extremely heavy heart that we woke this morning to the news of Peter’s death. He was a wonderful, dedicated and loving man who will be deeply missed in this community. OUr hearts go out to Ellen, the kids, and the rest of the Grady and De Mott family

  3. The only comfort in this time is knowing that Pete was welcomed in Heaven by Phil Berrigan,Elmer Maas,Mickey Allen,and all the rest of our beloved communion of Saints….who carried Peter’s now healed body to be with Jesus,Ghandi,MLK and so many others who waited in jubilation.No doubt ,Peter will be working hard for peace and justice from there….None of us will ever be able to hear an ee.commings poem without missing him.God bless Ellen,Marie,Kate ,Nora and Siercia.

  4. Peter was a very kind and gentle man in manner and spirit. To his family, friends, and beloved community I am sorry for your loss.

    May his spirit sustain us and strengthen us all as we coninue with our resistance to injustice and war and our work for justice and peace.

    In The Light,

  5. I interviewed Peter in June of 2005 for Doin’Time: Nonviolent Resisters Speak Out for Peace, my latest oral history project. He was a fine man–steady in his relationships with God, loving in his human relationships, clear-eyed in his dealings with the world. I’m so glad I was able to spend some time with him. Here are a few excerpts from his interview:

    “I always see my jail and prison experience as part of that larger context of nonviolent, peaceful struggle for social change–the abolitionists who worked against slavery, the Suffragist women who participated in civil disobedience in order to gain women the right to vote, and the number of people, African-Americans and others, who went to jail protesting for Civil Rights for all. That history always grounded me or gave me a reference point to enable me to see it in a broader context and appreciate it more deeply.”

    Later on in the interview, he said: “I firmly believe in Plowshares actions. I think Plowshares are very creative, very inspiring and exciting–that we can have this capability–this opportunity–to begin nuclear disarmament in a very concrete and real way and not wait for our governments to do it.

    To me it’s a question of disarm or die. If we… The course we’re on now is to enhance and increase the killing capacity–of the weaponry. To continually enhance it and upgrade it and make it more accurate. If that mind set is allowed to continue in our leadership, then we’re all doomed because eventually these weapons will be used. It’s up to us to show that this is a totally untenable policy, that we need to begin to disarm and begin to take seriously the words of Jesus to love one another and to love our enemies. To be willing to make that happen, to take that on ourselves as personal responsibility.

    When talking about the fact that he doesn’t like going to jail (who does?) Peter concluded: “I find it very helpful to remember that line from St. Paul where he says, ‘For them that love God, all things and all people work together unto good.’”

    This is a hard thing for grieving people to hear. But Peter believed it, and so must we. My heart goes out to the family and to everyone in Ithaca and the peace movement.

    Love and peace, Rosalie Riegle

  6. Dearest Ellen, misses Grady and DeMott, Ithaca community.

    This is Andreas Hedfors, one of a few Swedes who met you in Dublin in February 2005. I met your wonderful family there and you made a loving and powerful impression on me in those early important days of my awakening to world issues.

    I and Barbara from Holland sat down and interviewed Peter of his action at Electric Boat. He was indeed like a great oak, symbolising to me all the passion and dynamism of America as the Scandinavians saw it when we emigrated a hundred years ago. And he spoke with the wisdom of a warrior who faced himself and became more of a monk.

    I was deeply in awe, but I had no chance to distance myself, as all of you brought us into the community, into kitchen work and more.

    Also, Ellen, you and Peter gave an interview to Swedish film-maker Lennart Malmer in perhaps 1984. I have digitalised the film and can send it if you like.

    Please accept the condolences, the respect and the warmth from all good people of Sweden on the passing of your husband, father, comrade and friend.

    Sometimes one in our number is wrested away in the prime of years. Always we shall cherish the time that was given to us.

    I will light a candle for Peter now on the chimney of my roof, overlooking the ancient harbour of Visby on the isle Gotland.


    Loving Greetings,
    Rolf Bergling

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